Awareness & Coping

Building a Foundation Program

Learn about the impacts of trauma and build internal resources and skills to deal with life challenges.


Short-Term Counselling

  • Up to 12 individual counselling sessions
  • For those who would like to focus on present day experiences and challenges
  • Learn about how trauma has impacted your life and build coping skills to support you in dealing with present day challenges.
Understanding & Coping with Trauma

Understanding & Coping with Trauma

  • 6-week psychoeducational group
  • For those who want to build connections and practice new skills with others in a group setting
  • Learn about the impacts of trauma, self-care, and healthy coping strategies
  • Groups available for all people, all women, for all men, and for 2SLGBTQIA+ folks – choose the space that is most comfortable for you

Connect & Create Young Adult Workshops (ages 16-29)

  • Monthly art-therapy group
  • Learn about the impacts of trauma and explore self-care and healthy coping in a space that centers the experience of young adults aged 16-29
  • All genders welcome
Capacity Building Workshops

Foundation Building Webinars

  • Monthly virtual webinars on a variety of topics
  • All genders welcome
  • Visit our events page to learn about upcoming webinars.

For More Information

“[What I found most helpful about long term therapy was] the new sense of self, the start of the journey towards the person I was meant to be. I cannot possibly put into words the degree to which [Heartwood Healing Centre] has helped me and shaped my life. The changes in my life are immeasurable.”